Here is a list of frequently asked questions. Please feel free to contact us here with any additional questions you might have we will be glad to add it to the list. Thank you!

Preparation for the appointment.

In order for us to produce the best product possible, we need your help preparing the home so it looks great in your photos or video. Therefore, below you will find a list of suggested, yet important and impactful, preparations for you to make to the home before we arrive. These suggested next steps will make a huge difference in the quality of your real estate marketing materials. We very much appreciate your help and cooperation in getting these done prior to our arrival. 

+ What do I do before any type of shoot appointment?

The house should be “open house ready” when the photographer arrives. The camera is high resolution and will reveal clutter and unclean areas.

  • Thoroughly vacuum and dust. Put away personal items not to be photographed. They cannot be edited or blurred afterward.
  • Make sure all lights are functional and turn them on (under cabinets, vent hood, general interior, closets, bathrooms, recessed cans, accent, sconces, chandelier, lamps, book shelfs, etc.). Leave the blinds open. The more lighting the better..
  • Unlock doors to all rooms that will be photographed. The locked room will be excluded.
  • Remove excessive items from rooms such as boxes, footstools, animal toys, baby gates, etc. Pets should not be in the house during photography. Put away cords, chargers, toothbrushes, countertop appliances, papers, bills, toys. Remove items from refrigerator doors such as magnets or papers and any valuable items that you do not want to be displayed publicly such as expensive art, or pictures

+ Any additional TASKS BEFORE THE SHOOT?

Outside Instructions note

  • Remove all vehicles from the driveway/Garage unless you would like to have them in the shoot.
  • Water all vegetation the night or morning before our scheduled shoot.
  • Remove any pets or animals (they look really weird moving backwards when footage is reversed in edit).
  • Turn on all the outside lights
  • Remove any children’s toys or loose articles placed around the yard. Wipe down any outdoor furniture.
  • Remove any construction materials from the yard (tarps, bricks, concrete blocks, wood, etc.).
  • We highly recommend cleaning the windows (especially if you’ve scheduled a sunset shoot).

For Matterport and Any Aerial Photography/Videography you will need to sign a relaese form provided by us.

+ Am I required to be on the site?

You are not required to be on site during the appointment. Typical appointments last between 1-5 hours depending on services requested. Please communicate with the home owner if they will be present that the work we do is time consuming but worth it! If no one will be present at the appointment, please supply a lockbox code.

3D Services

+ What Is A Matterport (Space/Scan)

A Matterport scan creates a virtual model of a house which can be “visited” by the viewer in a similar way that a video game allows the player to move through a virtual space. The viewer can navigate through the house at the direction using a mouse or a keyboard.

+ What if I can’t figure out how to navigate?

We can put together a guided tour that starts as soon as the viewer clicks on the model. They can just sit back and watch a tour of the house. They can always grab control of the model and end the tour. Pears with a short text description of the tagged feature, object, or area.

+ How Much Does A Matterport 3d Scan Cost?

There are many factors that go into matterport pricing, square footage, type of the property, hosting and more please contact us directly for customized to your needs quote.

+ How is a Matterport 3D virtual tour different from a traditional virtual tour?

A traditional virtual tour isn’t a tour, but rather a video or gallery of panoramic photos. Although techniques vary, most traditional tours don’t allow the viewer to move around within the space. At the very most, traditional tours offer around 4- 10 individual locations to view the space. Photographers use DSLR cameras to capture multiple photos that are then stitched together to form a panoramic image which is then viewed using special online plugins. When we use the Matterport 3D camera, it allows the viewer to explore the space in up to 200 locations that are seamlessly stitched together. They can look up, look down, turn around, walk around items (such as a kitchen island) and see the space from multiple angles of their choosing. Because we use a professional 3D camera, we can create a completely virtual walkthrough to allow the viewer to conceptualize the space better.

+ What are Mattertags?

Mattertags are little markers we can place in the model that looks similar to google map pins. When a viewer sees these tags, they can click on them to get more information on the item you want to emphasize. They are usually used to point out unique built-in features such as surround sound, special counter tops, unique appliances, or even items that are for sale or those which come included with the house. There is no extra charge for adding mattertags.

+ How To View Models?

You will need a PC running Windows or Apple computer running OSX. Or mobile device. Most web browsers are supported. We recommend Firefox for Android mobile. Most common viewing problems are resolved by updating to the newest version of your web browser.

+ Can I tour the model with VR headset?

Yes! You Will Need 4 Things For Virtual Reality With Matterport:

  • Vr Ready - Your 3d tour must be vonverted to CoreVR format
  • Headset - Virtual reality headset (Samsung Gear Vr, Google Cardboard)
  • Smart phone (Any newer generation Android Phone or Apple Iphone iOS 9,1 and higher)
  • Matterport App - Matterport VR app

+ How long does a Matterport #D shoot/scan take?

We do more scans that other Matterport providers do and typically 1,000 sq ft. The area takes between 45 to 1.5hrs depends on the layout, furniture, number of floors, etc. We prefer to estimate jobs at 1.5hrs per 1,000sf.

+ How Large Of An Area Can Be Scanned?

A model of an area up to 15,000 Square Feet. Can vary, depending on the layout of the property and furniture.

+ Do you shoot closets, bathrooms and laundry rooms?

Bathrooms and laundry rooms typically yes unless too small. We do not shoot inside closets unless it is a large walk-in closet, approx 100sf or more, or if specifically requested.

+ Do you scan the garage?

In most cases, the garage is cluttered and does not add to the scan. If the garage is a good selling point, we can include it in the scan at no additional cost.

+ Can you scan a detached guest house?

Yes, we can scan detached structures. However, they will not connect in one continuous model. Often the guest house is scanned as a separate model and included on the landing page. Viewers will have to view the guest house separately from the main house.

+ Can You Scan The Outside Of The House?

Scanning outside is a bit tricky. The infrared technology behind Matterport doesn't allow for shoots outdoors in direct sunlight. However, depending on lighting conditions, we do know a few tricks that "may" allow us some success in shooting outdoor spaces.

+ Do you do twilight shoots?

Sure thing! Please contact us for the details.

+ I have a commercial business, can you scan that?

A Matterport scan is a great way to show off your business! If you have a restaurant, retail store, school gym or even a nice office, a Matterport scan can increase interest. There may be additional hosting charges for models that require web hosting for more than a year.

+ Can you provide me with pictures as well?

Yes! We can provide you with captures from the scans for your use. The regular pictures are not as high quality as those you might get from a professional photographer, but they are suitable for most houses.

+ How long does it take after the appointment for me to get my model?

In most cases, you will receive the completed model, landing page and links in 24 – 48 hours.

+ How do I put the model on my website and share it with the world?

You will receive several links upon completion of your scan. The first link is branded with the agent's logo, profile picture, and a contact form. This is a great way to generate leads. This link can be used on facebook, twitter, or in an email. The more you promote your model, the more people will view it. You will also receive an unbranded link - this is for use on the MLS. They require that virtual tours do not have any personalization or branding. Finally, you will also get an “embed” code so that you can embed the model on your website.