marina del rey

Featured Client: Marina del Rey Garden Center


What do you do when customers walk in and say, “Wow. I had no idea how extensive your inventory is.”?

How do you get the word out to Southern California that you are a top, independent retail garden center with professionals who make your business standout from the competition? How do you let customers know your professional expertise and industry contacts means you have what customers want or can place special orders and get what others can’t?

How do you capture your 2+ acres of plants and containers and hardscape and fountains and soils and statuary and benches and home decor and everything else a gardener needs to avoid those “Wow, I had no idea…” statements?

That multi-faceted conundrum was precisely the dilemma the Marina del Rey Garden Center faced.

Even after 40+ years in business. Even after being well-known in the local community. Even after winning awards for being the No. 1 Garden Center in Los Angeles. Even after being a Certified Wildlife Habitat. Even after, even after. You get the picture.

The solution: You hire TheHomeBird to fly a drone over your 2+ acres. Then you put the resulting video on your website and use it on social media.

From its opening greeting by MDRGC’s friendly staff to the flyover highlights and close-ups of product, the video helps capture what the Marina del Rey Garden Center is all about. It puts its 2+ acres in perspective, visually.

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